We ship all over Greece via ELTA COURIER or a transport agency for heavy (or bulky) items.


  • Free shipping throughout Greece for orders up to 2 kg* and value greater than 100,00€
  • Orders of less than 100,00€ and weighing up to 2 kg, are charged with shipping costs of 4,00€
  • If the weight of the order exceeds 2 kg, then the extra charge is 1,20€ per kg

Shipping costs are automatically calculated during the order completion process.

The Cash on Delivery service is charged with an additional 2,50€, if it is a separate service.

Transport Agency

Shipping with a transport agency is suitable for items of great weight (or volume). The cost in this case is in the range of (3-25) € (indicative charge and not binding). In cases where the parcel is large, the amount may be higher (depending on the agency and the destination).

The customer has the right to choose the transport agency that wants to handle the shipment. Otherwise the agency is selected from E-Bessas. The collection is made from the agency’s headquarters.

In this case (shipment by transport agencies), cash on delivery is not accepted. You are invited to pay the amount of the order by credit card, or by bank transfer to our partner banks


* The weight of an order may differ from the volumetric equivalent, so you may see a difference in shipping costs. This is because products with a high volume and low weight are not priced on the basis of their weight, but on the basis of their volume.

For For example

Let’s say you have ordered a fishing rod.

The actual weight of the rod is: 0,3 kg

Because the product has a large volume (e.g. 140cm), the pricing of the shipment will be based on this, i.e. we have:

Length x Height x Width (140x5x5 cm) / 5000 cm/kg= 0,7 kg

So the charge for this case will be 4,00€ since it still does not exceed 2 kg

And in case there is a cash on delivery:

4,00 + 2,50 = 6,50€